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Our Home, Our Values.

Affordable Homes, Livable Neighborhoods

SeaTac is becoming unaffordable for many working families faces many challenges, including low air quality, airport/air traffic impacts, traffic congestion, lack of access to human services and the pressures caused by the increasing unaffordability of Seattle. We need to be bold enough to develop policies that will keep SeaTac affordable and livable for all, including working class and low-income people.

We need planning that reaches from individual neighborhoods to citywide. We must collaborate at the regional level to make SeaTac people-oriented, environmentally friendly and the most livable city in South King County.


I have a plan that includes:

  • Rent stabilization to prevent the displacement of working-class families and low income tenants, especially seniors.

  • Protecting existing affordable housing options, including mobile home communities and apartments, from being converted or redeveloped into unaffordable options.

  • Requiring that new developments or redevelopments include housing units that low income and working families can afford and mixed-use buildings include ground level commercial spaces accessible to small local businesses.

  • Requiring commercial development include Community Benefits Agreements.

Developing Our Economy

Supporting Small Business Growth

We need to support, retain, and expand small businesses and to build an equitable economic development plan that benefits our community, not just hotels and big businesses around the airport. Our small businesses and communities of color should be able to stay in core urban areas and continue to thrive.


Developing Community Hubs

SeaTac urgently needs to adopt mixed land use development policies that allow combined affordable housing with commercial space for small and medium businesses. This practice will keep money circulating in the local economy, create good jobs and prevailing wages, promote entrepreneurship to benefit the local community, and put SeaTac on track to a sustainable future.


Job Training and Workforce Development

Job training and educational opportunity should be accessible for all residents and I support all efforts to bring apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship facilities and programs to our city.


Transit Areas to Match Our Needs

We need to be conscious about impacts of Transit Oriented Development (TOD) to avoid displacing existing residents in the area while creating opportunities for mass public transportation and our city’s economic growth. Transit infrastructure should serve the needs of the people who live and work in SeaTac, not just those who are passing through.

Opportunity for the Middle and Working Class

As our region becomes increasingly expensive, the gap between those who are riding the crest of success and those being left behind is growing. We must create a social safety net to support those in our community who are struggling and make sure that all workers, including gig economy workers, earn a prevailing wage, have access to benefits and get the opportunity to provide a good quality of living for their families.


We should use any opportunity to work with SeaTac Airport to create a workforce center to train SeaTac residents for good paying jobs at the airport so that they earn prevailing wages and live around where they work and enjoy life.

As a person who grew up the oldest child of a low-income single mother, I have lived the reality that social programs can save lives, create hope, and end the cycle of poverty. Growing these programs in SeaTac is essential for our future.

A Gateway to the American Dream

SeaTac is the embodiment of the American Dream. A community where immigrants from around the globe live side by side in pursuit of opportunity for their families.  We need to make sure that diversity, inclusion and community representation are a fundamental part of our public policy decision making process. I believe it is the responsibility of every elected leader to make sure disfranchised, underrepresented community members have a voice and are being heard in our city’s decision making process. It should not only be the burden of minority communites to break down barriers to their own participation.

I am committed to creating a city hall is welcoming and open to everyone regardless of their background and unique walks of life. We need to make sure the city’s services are in multiple languages. We need to expand cultural services so that they reflect our community values and respect many heritages in our city.  We need to make sure our diversity, culture, language, identity are being reflected in the relationships between our police and our community to serve all SeaTac residents.

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