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Public Safety is Priority Number One

As a small business owner, a long time resident, and parent of young children, I am committed to building a community that is safe, healthy, and vibrant. I am running for SeaTac City Council because I want to help lead our city into a better future for my family and for my neighbors.

As a city councilmember, my number one priority will be public safety in its many facets. 

Roadway and pedestrian safety

I will work with our transportation department to directly address speed and traffic calming on our major thoroughfares and reduce cut-through traffic on a residential streets. This work will be done with a heavy emphasis on pedestrian safety in a residential neighborhoods and safe passage ways to our schools. Our community is not safe if neighbors cannot visit with one another and if children cannot staff safely walk to and from school. 

Intervention and support for our neighbors who are experiencing crisis 

The challenges of homelessness, mental illness, and addiction are increasing in our community as they are in our entire region.


From day one, I will partner with our police, firefighters, and community members to build appropriate crisis response and support for at risk residents. This approach will prioritize early intervention to prevent families from loosing their housing and alternatives to law enforcement as the first responders to individuals in housing or mental health crisis. 


My approach recognizes that our neighbors are human beings in need of support while, at the same time, ensuring that our police officers and public safety professionals have the capacity to respond to appropriate calls. 

Airport harm reduction 

SeaTac residents bear a disproportionate portion of the harms that emanated from a regional resource. I am committed to reducing aviation noise and emissions, renewing resources available to install and repair residential sound insulation, and working with the FAA to conduct Neighborhood Environment Survey (NAS). I appreciate the work the legislature and city have done to expand sustainable aviation fuels to reduce green house effects, heat islands and air pollution, but we need to do more locally.

The cultivation of a dynamic civic life 

Engaging our residents with their city, neighborhoods, and neighbors. We all know that when neighbors know each other, care about each other, and feel a connection to their community it creates healthier safer communities for everyone. 

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